COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Hello Sharper Edge Community!


We are pleased to announce that Sharper Edge Skating School will be reopening its doors in a limited capacity on Wednesday, June 10th! Although we are all excited to return to the ice, things will look very different around the rink for the next several weeks. Valley Sports Arena has given the green light to begin Special Ice Sessions this week for skaters 17 years of age and younger (per state guidelines). Special Ice allows skaters time to receive a lesson with a Sharper Edge instructor on a one-on-one basis. At this time, we will not be restarting our group classes as they will need to wait until more restrictions are lifted at the state level.


Special Ice Sessions are a great way for your skater to transition back onto the ice! These sessions will be 45 minutes in length and will adhere to both state and rink guidelines. Sessions will run on a week by week basis and will be scheduled between the hours of 8:00am-7:45pm. At this time a maximum of 10 people will be permitted onto the ice. In most scenarios, this will consist of 5 coaches and 5 skaters. However, if open spots are available on a session there may be opportunity for skaters who are not receiving a lesson to come and practice on their own. This will be up to the Directors discretion and ice availability.


Please review the following protocols to participate in Special Ice Sessions:


Booking a lesson- Skaters are asked to contact their private instructor to request a lesson. If you do not have a private instructor, please contact the Sharper Edge office to be connected to one. The coach will then contact Dawn, who will be responsible for booking all lessons until further notice. Dawn will then contact the coach/parent/skater to inform them of their lesson time. NO WALK INS will be permitted. If you are not scheduled in advance for a Special Ice Session, you will not be allowed into the rink.


Payment- Payment for ice costs will be paid to the rink through Venmo (@Dawn-DiMinico). When using Venmo, please note the skaters name and date of the lesson you are paying for. Ice payment will need to be received prior to the skaters lesson time. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Lesson payments for coaches will be made directly to the instructor. Please refer to the coach for their preferred payment method.


Lesson Day Procedures- The following procedures have been put into place by rink management to ensure the safety of all participants and staff members:


- Upon arrival at Valley Sports we ask that all vehicles be parked in the Rink 1 parking lot, spaced out to allow one parking space between cars. Skaters are asked to get ready for their lesson in their own vehicle.

- Once a skater is ready for their lesson (with skates, guards, and mask on), they may line up at the front door where temperatures will be checked. Any skater who appears sick will be asked to leave. A brief health waiver must be completed upon each entry. A link to this waiver can be found on our website. Skaters will then sanitize their hands prior to entering the rink.

- PLEASE NOTE: No one is allowed into the building without checking in at the front door. Any late arrivals will need to ring the bell and wait for a staff member to assist them.


- Skaters are permitted to bring a labeled water bottle into the rink. If needed, they may also bring in car keys, a wallet, and cellphone which is to be stored in a zip lock bag next to their water bottle on the ice.


- Once in the rink, skaters will line up in taped areas along the wall. They will then remove their skate guards and enter the ice through the ice door closest to the restrooms.

- Once on the ice, skaters will place their belongings in their own space along the wall and have their lesson. Skaters and coaches are asked to maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times. The coaching staff will not be permitted to physically assist any skater unless there is an emergency.


- Until further notice there will be no use of the radio, harness, or toys from the storage box. Coaches may use their own cones or markers for educational purposes, however skaters are not allowed contact with those items.

- Once the Special Ice Session is complete, skaters will exit the ice closest to the warm room and sanitize their hands. They will then immediately exit the rink through the red exit doors. Parents are asked to be ready to pick up their skater at the conclusion of their session.


- All belongings left in the building will be discarded by Valley Sports staff.


- If a skater is doing more than one Special Ice Session, they must exit the building and re-enter using the same protocols. We appreciate your patience with this.


- No congregating of any kind will be permitted inside or outside of the building.


- Skaters are not permitted to enter Rink 2 and the water bottle fill station is closed.


If you are interested in having your child participate in a Special Ice Session, please contact your individual coach(es). If you do not have an individual coach at this time, feel free to email the Sharper Edge office to be connected to one!


This new normal will certainly take some getting used to and we are certain adjustments will be made along the way. With safety, patience, and kindness we can resume lessons with our amazing skaters! Thank you in advance for your understanding of this process and we hope to see you soon!



Dawn DiMinico & SESS Staff

Office Number: (978) 369-0088

Dawn Cell Phone: (978) 479-1062 ***For emergency use only

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