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Figure Skating

Adaptive Program Volunteer Opportunity

Sharper Edge Skating School offers volunteer opportunities in our Adaptive Skating Classes for high school and middle school students who are skaters themselves.  If you choose to volunteer in our program, you will be partnered with an Adaptive Athlete.  You will assist them in a class and skate with them during the free skate.  For those students seeking community service hours, we take attendance each week to keep track of your hours.  We are happy to sign your volunteer forms at the completion of each session.  For more information on our Adaptive Program click here.

If you are interested in partnering with our Adaptive Athletes, please contact the Sharper Edge Office for more information at

978-369-0088 or email us at

***Volunteer Applications***

Winter 2 2024 - Partner Application

Spring 2024 - Partner Application



Winter 1



     12:40-1:20 pm

Winter 2


     12:40-1:20 pm



     12:05-12:50 pm

Please note: Classes are subject to change due to enrollment.  Confirmations will not be sent.

Class Content:

​On the day of each skating class, please check in at the front desk. 
Our 40 minutes class is a 30 minute lesson and a 10 minute supervised free skate.  Fun and games are always incorporated into the lessons, and stickers are given out at the end of each class to all skaters. Free skate time is a great opportunity for the skater to practice their skills on their own, or with the other skaters on the ice. Free skate is always supervised by the coaches but no coaching is done at this time. Partners will skate with our Adaptive Skaters for the entire class time and throughout the Free Skate.  Please arrive on time so that we can make sure our Adaptive Skaters can have a smooth transition.​


​DAWN DIMINICO & Sharper Edge Skating School Staff

Welcome to our skating family!

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