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Figure Skating

Class Descriptions

Ice Dancing:

Ice Dancing is a form of Figure Skating which draws from Ballroom Dancing.  With an emphasis on edge quality and flow, skaters learn standard compulsory patterns and work to complete levels 1 through 10 in the ISI program.  Ice Dances are performed to traditional music and a focus on timing and tempo is essential in learning Ice Dancing.  There is opportunity for skaters to compete these dances in various competitions throughout the season.  Club Members must be Freestyle 1 or higher to participate in our Ice Dance Program.

Moves in the Field:

Moves in the Field is a United States Figure Skating Association test standard that focuses on turns and edge work. Skaters learn specific patterns on each test which enhances their edge quality and overall skating skills. Once a Sharper Edge staff member feels as though a skater is close to mastering their patterns, the skater must sign up for a Moves in the Field test and perform the patterns in front of a panel of judges. The judges will then approve the skater to move on to the next test, or ask them to retry the test if they feel more time is needed on the patterns. There are 8 levels of moves tests a skater can work towards completing:

* Pre-Preliminary * Preliminary * Pre-Juvenile * Juvenile * Intermediate * Novice * Junior * Senior *

Club members must be Freestyle 1 or higher to participate in our Moves in the Field Class.

For a more information on our Moves in the Field Class-Click Here

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